Seeking Water (Part 5 of Michelle’s series)

by Michelle Karl

This is the 5th post for Michelle’s blog series. Her previous SaraBella posts include, “Cancer, Set Me Free“, “Fuel For Growth“, “Floating Together“, and “Just Love“. She has shared her insight about her 16 month battle with (against) stage 2 breast cancer as she adventures on a 3-week road/boat trip through Wyoming, Idaho, Montana & British Columbia — to fish, camp, explore, reflect, and rejoice. We hope you enjoy this post — about 2 weeks into her trip. We’re honored that Michelle is sharing her story with us, so we can share it with you!

Day 12
I have always felt drawn to the water. I know that. I am sure that when I was young it started with play and social activities. The pool, the beach the creak behind my house where we found crayfish and water spiders. I loved the recreation that the water provided, I still do. However, now it goes deeper and I understand my connection in a more complete way.

In the Midwest, where I grew up, the lakes were where I found myself. In Colorado, it is the rivers. I know there is a spirituality connected to the water. Peace and Power. Ying and Yang.

It both cleanses me and grounds me. The life and the constant movement reminds me something much bigger than myself. It is always there breathing and moving. It is a relief and a comfort to have something unconditionally present for you. Something you can always seek if you choose. The water gives me that gift, and I am deeply grateful.


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