TUTORIAL: Weight & Length

Tutorial ~ Weight & Length

As you select the weight/length of your SaraBella fly rod, remember that this is all about your personal preference! This is YOUR fishing story!

When April talks to women about which fly rod to purchase, she asks, “Where do you aspire to fish?” If you know the answer to that question, you can select your fly rod.

The Weight

  • The smaller the number, the more flex (bend)
  • Smaller weight number = best for smaller size of fish
  • The larger the number, the less flex (bend)
  • Larger weight number = best for larger size of fish

At SaraBella Fishing, we love to fish a 3 weight for short casts on smaller streams and beaver ponds in our home state.

We prefer a 5 weight for bigger water, and bigger fish where you may need to cast a bit further and may need a bit more strength to land a fish appropriately. We cast five weight rods here in Colorado on larger rivers and lakes. The 5 is still versatile enough to catch the feisty, small trout.

Fishing a rod that’s too small for the fish can result in broken rods (and lost fish). If it does break, send pictures and refer to warranty info. We would prefer that you fish a little heavier – its better for the rod and the fish. If your rod is too light, it can take a really long time to catch a fish. If you’re practicing catch and release, taking too long is really hard on the fish and can sometimes result in harm to the fish. Here’s a great article from the National Parks Service on good practices for practicing catch and release:{fd3233cdd229ab733f772e771dd874cff9e2ee577d44c5aa6feb49a9c18b0939}20brochure.pdf

Wind can impact your fishing. On any given day, you may encounter strong winds. It’s the outdoors. It happens. If you fish in areas known for consistently strong winds (we love to fish in Wyoming), it may make sense to increase the rod weight to compensate. If wind is part of your fishing story, we recommend increasing the weight of the rod.

We make fly rods, not reels, at SaraBella (maybe someday). That said, we strive to ensure that your equipment compliments each other. When you select a fly rod weight, we recommend that you match the weight with your line and reel purchase as well. We’re happy to make recommendations on reels for your new SaraBella fly rod.

The Length

You can select the length of your new fly rod, too.  This doesn’t need to be difficult. If you’re fishing really small water for smaller fish, short rods are a really great choice. The shorter length simplifies your casts and prevents snags.

If you aspire to have a versatile fly rod to do many kinds of fishing in a multitude of places, we recommend rods in the 8’6” to 9’ range. If you have a large wingspan or prefer tiny creeks, go larger or smaller. Just pick what makes you the most comfortable and suits your style.

Weight suggestions from SaraBella Fishing
Where do you aspire to fish? Cast your story!

Location: High mountain lakes
Fishing: A good hike, a beautiful lake and an amazing 10’ to 16” brookie
We suggest: 3, 4 or 5 weights work great
Location: Beaver ponds
Fishing: Hungry brook and rainbows
We suggest: 2 to 4 weight rods — excellent and so much fun
Location: Gold medal waters, big water
Fishing: 4-10 pounders, eager to sip my favorite fly
We suggest: 5 to 7 weight rods will stay smart, strong, and beautiful
Location: Wind tunnel, trying to cast to the magic hole on moderate to big water
Fishing: Fishing is humbling, your hair is a disaster, but the right rod and flies can bring great results. Put a hat on, lady!
We suggest: Try a 6 to 8 weight rod
Location: Warm water rivers, lakes, ponds
Fishing: Large & Small-mouthed bass, crappie, and anything else that is ready for a splash-filled catch
We suggest: 5 to 7 weight rods work great for these waters
Location: Warm water rivers, lakes, ponds
Fishing: Predominantly carp or large lake trout
We suggest: 7 to 8 weight rods – Carp can get HUGE! Hang on for a fun catch!
Location: Water with big musky and pike
Fishing: For the brave women who love the challenge of a toothy fish!
We suggest: 8 to 9 weight rods for sure. Hold on tight and watch your fingers when removing hooks!
Location/Fishing: I just want a versatile rod for catching brookies, a 5 pound brown trout, big healthy bass and who knows what else
We suggest: Go with the 5 weight. We think you’ll love it.
Location: Saltwater flats or deeps
Fishing: Bonefish, bonita, other big saltwater fish
We suggest: Call us. We may need to join you on your trip, but we’d love to build your durable fly rod (or portable telephone pole) for you. Depending on the fishing, it could be a 7 to 10 weight fly rod (or even bigger).

Beware: Once you fish with a smart-beautiful SaraBella fly rod, you might want more! If you become addicted, let us know. We take good care of our repeat customers.

We love to help you Fish Your Story

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Join SaraBella's email community for news, discounts, and 10% off your first order!

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