Bella & SaraMaking our Splash

After many years of fishing with men’s gear in a “sportmen’s” world, April began to notice a problem – not just with the lack of products made for women but also for lack of respect given to women for their skills, passion and love of the sport. She turned frustration into opportunity when she began to see that with smart beautiful products and a better overall experience, we can change the way women fish.

Sara and Bella are the names of our beloved dogs. They fish, they run, they play, they point, they love. We have said to our dogs, Sara & Bella, “get in the car”, Sara & Bella, “stay” and Sara & Bella “leave it”. When saying their names quickly, it sounds more like SaraBella….which reminded April of the cerebellum of the brain. When we started to think about the cognitive, sensory, pleasure, and motor aspects of fishing, we began to appreciate the relevance of the cerebellum.

With SaraBella, we create smart-beautiful fishing.

Video Credit: Peak Adventure Media


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