Smart Fishing

At SaraBella Fishing, we strive to provide the perfect blend of elegance and beauty in design, with a fly rod that’s technically engineered to ensure your very best days on the water. We know time spent fly-fishing is both special and finite. We commit to doing our part to maximize your experience.

SaraBella works with the very best materials and craftspeople in the fly-fishing industry today to source and construct your fly rod. We believe it’s what goes into a SaraBella Fishing rod that makes it special. From the carbon fiber (heated graphite) of the rod, the cork, and all of the supporting hardware, we focus on ensuring that you get the performance that you want. Here’s what we put in so you can fish your story:

Carbon fiber designed for women:

Our carbon fiber rods are designed specific to the needs of women. SaraBella rods are built to be very lightweight, with a flex style built to avoid fatigue from casting all day long. Our carbon fiber is designed to be exceptionally strong, yet highly sensitive so that you feel even the slightest strikes from a fish. They’re also painted in beautiful colors. And yes, we have tested these colors on the water!

Highest quality cork – look and life

SaraBella Fishing utilizes only the highest-grade cork found in the market (often referred to as Flor grade cork) to build our grips. We select all of our cork to ensure that it lasts for many years and that it feels fantastic in your hand every time you fish.

Grips sized for you

We’re all different. Yet, traditionally fly fishing manufacturers make everything in one size. That just doesn’t make sense. At SaraBella Fishing, we give you the choice of three options to make sure you’re comfortable on the water from dawn until done.

Narrow  –  SaraBella makes a very thin grip made for women with small hands (or who prefer a smaller grip) and are made to ensure great fit. A narrow grip is also fantastic for very lightweight fly rods, because it’s a featherweight, amazingly sensitive, and provides excellent response while fishing.

Curvy  –  Our most popular model tailored to fit a woman’s hand. We shape the material in a manner that feels absolutely great in the hand. Designed for a woman, by women, this grip is lighter than what you’ll find on a standard manufactured fly rod while offering a curvy grip for a solid day of fishing. You may love this curvy grip.

Traditional  –  If you love a traditional grip, SaraBella has the right one for you! Built with the best materials, it’s both lightweight and styled to ensure you have a beautiful cork grip.

The very best hardware  –  perfect blend of looks and performance

We partner with the very best hardware manufacturers to provide exceptional quality on every SaraBella fly rod. As we build each rod, we remind ourselves that you’ll have this rod for many years. Hopefully for life. Maybe for generations.

All of our hardware is smart and beautiful. Products are made with materials specifically designed for the rugged conditions and tough women fly-fishers. Stainless steel and nickel silver are found in each rod to provide longevity and shine (without ever rusting). Of course, we pick all of our hardware because it is absolutely beautiful and unlike anything you’ll find in the market today. Go ahead and compare your new SaraBella to other rods.  We think you’ll see the difference in quality and details invested in a SaraBella rod versus a standard manufactured rod. More importantly, we know you’ll feel the difference when you’re on the water.

Sustainable wood

We have a multitude of materials available for reel seats (what holds your reel onto your rod). At SaraBella Fishing, we go to extensive efforts to make sure that we pick sustainable woods to use in our manufacturing process to help protect the environment. We source our woods locally from a mill here in Colorado that specializes in removing diseased trees from the environment. The result? We get amazing wood for your fly rod and the environment wins as a result. You’ll never find woods from protected regions or sensitive areas on a SaraBella fly rod, nor will you find heavy plastics that are damaging to the environment and certainly to our water sources. We will always do our part to promote sustainable and responsible practices with our materials.

How your rod is built – precision and quality

We build each fly rod just for you and we do it by hand here in Denver, Colorado. Our team meticulously inspects each piece, and nothing leaves our factory until we can proudly say “that’s a smart-beautiful SaraBella fly rod and we know you’re going to love it.”

You pick what you want and we take care of the rest. It’s really just that simple. We believe the result is a piece of art that’s ready for your favorite days on the water.

When will my new rod arrive?

Once we receive your order, we get to work right away! Within minutes of your order, we begin to create your smart-beautiful SaraBella fly rod. Typically, we ship within five weeks of receiving your order.  If you need it faster, let us know. We want you on the water with the rod of your dreams. We’ll do our best to make it happen for you so you can begin to fish your story!

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