Welcome our Smart, Beautiful Intern!

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Our Smart Beautiful Intern: Jenya Sakaeva

SaraBella Fishing is thrilled to welcome Jenya Sakaeva to our team! Jenya has traveled from Maine to study business and marketing at the University of Denver. She works hard, she loves to learn, and she shares joy with the world around her. We look forward to sharing adventures with Jenya in the months ahead!

Ready to Cast
by Jenya Sakaeva

I’ve always loved the outdoors. I grew up as the only girl in the family, so my dolls stayed in the boxes while I was always doing my best to keep up with my older boy cousins. Thankfully they were patient of my shorter legs and smaller hands as we climbed trees, swam, rode bikes, and anything else we could think of until we were called in for dinner. What particularly captured my interest as early as I could walk was the water. My mom tells stories, still, of how she couldn’t sit for a minute whenever we were at the beach because she was constantly serving as a moving wall to stop me from running full speed into the waves.

Coming to Colorado for college has opened my eyes to water in ways I had never known it before. Rivers wind their way
own from the mountains here, and carry with them different stories, wildlife, scenery, Jenya 2and sports. I knew that my horizons had a lot of broadening to do when I left home, but I wasn’t expecting to be so drawn in by the idea of fly-fishing. I’ve fished a little bit in Maine, with friends on their boats or with my sister off the dock at home. Fly-fishing always seemed like a different world… one that would be hard to enter on my own as someone unfamiliar with fishing. I’m not sure I would have known where to begin, but everything begins with the first step (or cast, in this case).

Meeting April, JT and their girls changed my perspective on fly-fishing. I have gotten to see the rods before they are complete and hold them in my own hands, and I can understand better the art form that fly-fishing really is. Through research, stories and pictures, I’ve learned more about the sport and I now have no doubts that it’s something I must try. I’ve learned that there’s more to fly-fishing than catching the biggest fish. It seems relaxing but exciting, and a great way to connect with people and the nature around you. I feel lucky to have found passionate and knowledgeable instructors and all the resources of SaraBella Fishing to get my own first hand experience. I can’t wait for warmer temperatures and to get into the river!

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