SaraBella Fishing – by Annika



Annika’s first fish “all by herself” on the fly!

 Written by: Annika Archer- age ten

    The SaraBella Fishing company is made so we can give women a chance in the world of fishing. You might go to a store and want a fly rod but you see there’s none for you they all say ”men”. Well, at SaraBella we make custom rods especially for women and girls. Our products are unique you usually see black, green, brown, and gray… But we’re different, we want not just women to shine but our products as well we make rods in pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, Broncos colors, you name it we make it! Our crew stays up late to make your day perfect we put all of our love into the rods we make.


Casting practice in our alley

    The SaraBella Fishing company is pretty new but so far we’ve made progress on our hope with women and fishing. The rivers are all different but if you carry along what we call the magic wand or fly rod you’re bound to have a good chance on the water. We believe everyone has a fish out there, and with a SaraBella rod you’ll always have fun!

                Annika/ SaraBella crew

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