Jenn Rudolph

written by April Archer
Jenn fly fishing in Colorado
Our amazing friend and SaraBella team member, Jenn Rudolph, passed away peacefully on March 18, 2021. Her hand was in her beloved and devoted husband’s hand, and she was surrounded with love. Her children, Braedon and Georgia, were the true source of her unbroken will to fight to her last breath. She was 49 years old.
Joy, vigor, grace, courage, generosity, and integrity. These words barely begin to describe the character and beauty of Jenn Rudolph. She lived boldly and she taught the world about perseverance, humility, and resilience, and the power of kindness. 
Jenn came into our life when we launched SaraBella Fishing in 2014. She had a wonderful fly fishing experience with her husband on their honeymoon in New Zealand (thanks, Josh!), and she felt compelled to lend her talent to our company. What began as a professional PR venture led to neighborhood friendship with our families and many good times to follow. She pitched us to magazines and news outlets, she introduced us to influential people in our path, she celebrated our success with humility, and she loved to dream big. Jenn became a true friend to me, a loyal member of our SaraBella team, and a lifelong inspiration to so many. 
In her words, “Being a natural optimist my outlook is generally positive and I tend to follow the golden rule of treating others how I would like to be treated. Kindness wins.” When asked about her favorite fly, she responded, “Woolly Bugger, it’s fun to say”. 
As we prayed for snow (for both skiing and for fishing), we often talked about how the outdoors heal. To Jenn, the outdoors offered adventure, peace, beauty, and respite. Jenn thrived in a bluebird day on the slopes or along a river. She enjoyed quiet walks. She loved nature and adventure, especially with her family and friends. She had a beautiful way of bringing people together, making connections, and cheering for the success of others. Jenn cherished her amazing kids, and loved cheering for them in music, theater, sports, and through life. 
Jenn battled breast cancer for 12 years, five of which were at stage 4. She overcame tremendous obstacles with the goal of experiencing more days on this earth. Jenn fought with tenacity and lived with grace. She never complained, whined, or accepted pity. She believed in supporting science through experimental treatments and advanced medicine. She always gave to others, even on her most challenging days. 
Jenn’s SaraBella fly rod
Last year, we collaborated with Josh to present Jenn with a SaraBella fly rod. He helped us with the surprise, and the decal has their wedding song title on it, “You Fill Up My Senses” (Annie’s song by John Denver). We recognize that this will be their daughter’s fly rod, and we hope it brings joy, adventure, and beautiful fish to her for many, many years.
We hope to share Jenn’s affinity for the outdoors with others — so that more people can experience these joys and adventures. Her spirit will remain with us always, every time we see a bald eagle, catch a fish, make a turn, or welcome a new outdoor enthusiast to the wilderness. With each fly rod we make, Jenn’s thrill of adventure will shine. 
We’d like to recognize Jenn’s oncologist and dear friend, Dr. Virginia Borges. Those wishing to offer a contribution in Jenn’s memory are encouraged to support Dr. Borges’ life changing research by giving to the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Translational Program.

Dr. Virginia Borges
CU Advancement – CU Foundation
1800 Grant Street, Suite 725
Denver, CO 80203
If you’d like to know more about Jenn, you can read her full In Memoriam here.
We love and miss her tremendously, and we’re so thankful for our precious time on this earth with Jenn Rudolph. 

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