A Pro’s Perspective: “A Good Start” September 21, 2018

by Ben Helgeson

Ben + his son

Ben is a dad, teacher, fly fishing guide, and the communications director with 5280 Angler.  Give him a like/follow and book your Colorado fly fishing adventure!      #mindtheredd @5280angler @bhflyfish

Ben at Odd 13 Brewery, with new SaraBella rod

He wrote the letter (below) to SaraBella, after purchasing and using a rod with his clients, Kelsey & Kyle. We appreciate his support for small business and his dedication to teaching fly anglers in Colorado.

Dear April & The SaraBella Team,

I wanted to share a quick story with you. 

I’ve never previously concerned myself with the “first fish” of any given rod. However, a custom rod, being a product of thoughtfulness, warrants a more attentive consideration of first use.

It didn’t take long before the right opportunity presented itself.

The e-mail from Kelsey read,
“I’m looking forward to treating my fiance to his 25th birthday with a fly fishing trip. Neither of us has ever fly fished, and we are really excited.”

Further communication in preparation for the trip centered around cookies and IPA, only cementing my decision that this would be the trip for the new 5280 Angler Silver 6. Never having held a fly rod in her life, Kelsey stuck the first 5 fish of the trip, all within an hour of being on the river. Three of the trout leaped, charged, and spit the hook. Two came to net.


After landing her second fish, I told her the story of the rod.

Already enjoying a special morning, a new appreciation for the moment was apparent in her smile as she admired the rod.

Bearing the name of the guide service I believe in, the first fish for my new rod could only come via the hands of a first time fly fishing guest.

The first timers have always been my most motivating trips – every guide has their wheelhouse…

Like I said, I’ve never previously given any thought to the “first fish” of any rod I’ve owned. Thanks for giving me such a smart, beautiful, and fun opportunity to do so.

The rod has many memories to make.

– Ben

Sara dog + the 5280 Silver 6 at a wrapping station
** note from SaraBella Fishing:  Each fly shop and guide/outfitter has its own strengths. We LOVE hearing from shops and outfitters who do their best to treat all anglers with respect and opportunity….whether they’re new to the sport or experienced, including any race, religion, gender, age, or walk of life. If you know of a shop, guide or outfitter who is working hard to be inclusive and respectful in the sport, please let us know. We believe in giving praise so that we can all continue to learn and grow — as anglers and as humans.

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