Real Men and Breast Cancer

by David McElwain

As of 2016, David is a member of the SaraBella fly tying and rod-building team. We are honored to know him, to learn from him, and to share adventures in fly fishing with him! Thanks to David for his courage an inspiration….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the leaves begin to turn, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here and on my pink_ribbon_t670mind. I am a professional flyfisher and tier and spend most of my time on the rivers and lakes of Colorado. I am a man and a breast cancer survivor!

That’s right, I am male. Not only women HAVE BREAST CANCER…

During this season and year round remind your loved ones to soap up and feel for breast lumps.

As you turn your calendar make a note to remind your husband, boyfriend or lover to check.  Your teenage daughters and sons need to be virulent as well. This soapy check can change and save your life.

Something as little as a tugging on your shirt button should be investigated, don’t just write it off to weight gain. CHECK IT OUT!

Very few males get breast cancer, but it very aggressive and can’t be dismissed. I survived MOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAale Breast Cancer in 2015. It seemed like a never ending battle. If not for the support of my wife and friends, I would have quit!

As the leaves begin to turn, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here and on my mind. Remember to CHECK IT OUT on the first of every month….REAL MEN CAN GET BREAST CANCER!



More about David….

We are honored to have David McElwain as our first SaraBella fly tier. He is also a member of our SaraBella rod-wrapping team, and he does fantastic work. It’s an honor to bring his talents to you!

David has been fly fishing for over 40 years. As a youngster, he was taught the ways of fishing and nature by his grandfather and Dad on the shore at Bennett Springs, Missouri. He started with a cane pole and a wooly worm in the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOzark Hills. In his early 20’s, he started tying flies while working at a friend’s fly shop at Bennett Springs State Park. In 1999, David joined Bass Pro Shops as a member of the fly fishing team – as a tying and casting instructor. He later transferred to Denver to lead the efforts to open the store’s fly fishing department.

David is a certified Adaptive Fly Fishing Practitioner and enjoys teaching people to fly fish through various organizations including, Adaptive Fly Fishing, Wish of a Lifetime, and the Wounded Warriors. He is also a member of Trout Unlimited, the International Federation of Fly Fishers, and The Fly Dressers Guild.

David’s first book, Our Grandfathers’ Flies, a historical retrospective to fly tiers reaching the shores of a new world; which is fabulous tribute to flies tied with furs, feathers, and hairs. In the past year, David has been battling breast cancer. He is determined to beat this disease, and with support of his wife, Lauren, he is able to keep his hands and mind connected to the sport of fly fishing.

When asked why he supports the vision of SaraBella Fishing, David replied, “I applaud the efforts and tenacity to start any new business in this country, especially a fly rod company. I believe and salute your wisdom and mission to empower women to be part of what I believe to be the ultimate sport.”

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