Elevation Outdoors ~ Barriers, Broken

by Tyra Sutak
October 31, 2017

Thanks to Elevation Outdoors for featuring progress, challenges, and great strides in the outdoor industry with regard to female adventurers! This piece is a must-read for retailers, anglers, activists, athletes, conservationists, leaders, educators, and pioneers of the outdoor industry.

SaraBella Fishing’s CEO, April Archer, says, “Women deserve excellent products that last and perform well when they’re out on their outdoor adventure.” The article goes on to say, “Like many Colorado female entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry, Archer not only works to make gear women want to use, she also spends a good chunk of her time educating young women on how to do so confidently and safely. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2016 Outdoor Participation study, only 41 percent of girls ages 13 to 17 participate in an outdoor activity—the lowest participation rate of women in all ages groups. Archer fights against that statistic. “I (we) teach girls how to tie knots, and why they should not be afraid of bugs, so they can go solve problems and enjoy the wilderness,” she says.

Read the full article here: http://www.elevationoutdoors.com/barriers-broken/


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