“Women On The Fly” Film and Casting Party

Join us for a SaraBella Casting Party & short film, “Women On The Fly” (by Peak Adventure Media)! The film features 4 brave women in the fly fishing industry. Let’s celebrate female anglers and smart, beautiful fishing!

Graciously sponsored by Upslope Brewing Company, Umpqua Feather Merchants, The Denver Fly Shop, Damsel Fly Fishing, Dun Magazine, AnglHer, & Fishmasks.

Our Community Partners include Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, COActive, The Mile High WorkShop, The Mayfly Project, Colorado Women Flyfishers, and the Greenbacks (Trout Unlimited).

Sat. June 10 4-8 pm @ Converge Denver (3327 Brighton Blvd, 80216)

$10 Ticket includes  heavy apps, beer, dessert, & games/prizes!

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Rodmaking Rose

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2-18-32-pmThe beauty of SaraBella goes beyond pretty colors

BEFORE APRIL ARCHER cofounded Denver-based SaraBella Fishing—makers of women-specific fly rods—she’d already noticed an influx of female flyfishers to the sport. But as an angler herself, fishing since she was a toddler and flyfishing for the past 16 years, she also recognized that there was a distinct lack of women-specific gear.

“I started to pay more attention to what was available for women, and became frustrated at what was and wasn’t out there,” says Archer. “Some companies have a women’s line, but it’s a sliver of their market, not their main focus.”

READ the full article (pdf)

The Drake Magazine2016 Fall Issue

Giggling Forward by April Archer in DUN Magazine

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2-58-17-pmDUN Magazine October – November 2016 (pg 61-74)

The summer came to an abrupt halt as my three daughters loaded their backpacks and marched off into the first day of the school year. As they began 6th, 3rd and 2nd grades, I reflected on the giggles, questions, snuggles and smiles of these rambunctious girls.

READ the whole article.

Fishing New Waters

5280 Magazine

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-2-10-07-pmSaraBella Fishing targets women with its new Signature Teal rod.

MAY 2016

A River Runs Through It is about a family connecting through fly-fishing—minus the mom. Mrs. Maclean always seemed to be too intimidated to invite herself along. That trepidation was April Archer’s inspiration for starting SaraBella Fishing, a Colorado company that markets fly-fishing rods to females in particular.

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MNT town Magazine – 2nd Annual Women Who Rock The Rockies Issue

Colorado’s Mountain Town Magazine

Spring 2016

Problem-solving to make her fly fishing passion more fulfilling and fun. April Archer turned to her own knowledge and skills to create a customized product and a new business, SaraBella Fishing. Fishing with men’s gear was not yielding a positive result for April. She noticed the lack of products mad for women as well as a lack of respect given to women for their love of fly fishing. She turned frustration into opportunity when she began to see that with smart, finely crafted, beautiful products that provide a better overall experience, she could change the way women fish and the perception surrounding them.

Read the full article (page 22).

Vail Daily – fly GIRLS

Vail Daily – Friday, April 29, 2016

Vail Daily - High Life - April 2016-600x355


The first time I went fly-fishing I was wearing borrowed waders. The person — guy — from whom I’d borrowed them had to have been at least twice my size.

I cinched the shoulder straps as tightly as possible, fit my feet into the massive boots and looked, with slight dismay, at the amount of waterproof fabric that ballooned from the top of the rubber boots to my waist. I felt as if I were playing dress up, but was slightly reassured by the fact that, if I fell into the river, the amount of air trapped in the waders would surely keep me afloat.

Read the full article.

Small Businesses Can Do Well By Doing Good

November 28, 2015forbes_logo
For many, fly fishing is considered to be a men’s sport. While this is far from the truth, the sentiment is reflected in the design, distribution, and promotion of fishing gear across the board. SaraBella Fishing, however, is determined to change that.
Read more at Forbes.com.

Colorado female entrepreneur hopes to change the face of fly-fishing

On The River

Smart Beautiful Fishing by April Archer
Published January 2015 in Living Well in Lowry

Fish Your Story with Kids & Family by April Archer
Published February 2015 in Living Well in Lowry

To Begin Fishing (Again) by April Archer
Published March 2015 in Living Well in Lowry

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